Furnace Installation

Does Your Home Feel Like Frosty Is Moving In?

Book a furnace installation appointment in Columbia, SC

If you feel like you could build a snowman inside your home, call Solutions Heating & Air immediately. We’ll meet with you to discuss your furnace needs and budget specifications. A technician will then recommend a furnace brand to you and schedule an installation date.

Get the right furnace for your property size. Contact an HVAC contractor in Columbia, South Carolina today to explore your options.


Solutions Heating & Air is offering a 10% discount on new furnace installations in Columbia, South Carolina. Choosing the right furnace can be tricky. We’ll simplify the process by giving you suggestions based on the size of your home and your lifestyle habits.

Here are eight things to keep in mind when choosing a new furnace:

  1. The system type
  2. The fuel source
  3. Your indoor air quality
  4. The brand
  5. The size
  6. The price
  7. The warranty
  8. Possible rebates

We’ll keep you from getting overwhelmed by your options. Trust us to install the right heating system in your Columbia, South Carolina home. Call 803-269-5326 now to make an appointment for a furnace installation.