Air Quality Control Services

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We offer air quality control services in Columbia, SC

Have you checked your air ducts recently? Is there very little airflow coming out of your vents? If so, you might want to think about having your air ducts restored or replaced. Solutions Heating & Air, Inc., located in Columbia, South Carolina, offers premier air quality services for residential and commercial properties.

Let’s clear the air – You need help from Solutions Heating & Air, Inc.

Our experienced technicians are able to replace and install new vents and air ducts to help with airflow throughout your home or commercial building. We will:

  • Increase air quality with new vents and air ducts
  • Reduce allergens and prevent bacteria with UV light installations
  • Decrease dust, mold and mildew by cleaning coils and ducts

Maintain your property with proper airflow today! Call 803-269-5326 to schedule your appointment with Solutions Heating & Air, Inc.